Crittenden Estate as looking for a packaging solution that reflected the individual nature of their ‘experimental’ wine OGGI – meaning; of the moment, in Italian.
The wine is the result of Crittenden Estate winemaker Rollo and Crittenden Estate founder Garry sitting around contemplating the possibilities, trialling old school styles of making wine, creating experimental buckets of wine with the aim of developing something truly special and unique. The resultant wines – when they achieved the aim – would fall under the OGGI moniker.
The Stokes Street Studio design solution was to create 24 individual labels reflecting the experimentation in the winemaking. Once bottled and packed no two cases would be the same, each hand packed to ensure no labels ‘doubled up’, ensuring a distinctive selection of labels with in each case. Creating a physical manifestation of the innovative and unique style of winemaking. Something to also encourage full case sales. And for the individual purchaser – an opportunity to ‘collect the set’!