Mandala Wines


Way back Mandala was a fledgling ingénue, looking to establish itself in the red hot Yarra Valley. They had taken over an existing vineyard and needed to stamp themselves on it and in the area as a brand with credibility, high quality values, a feeling of intent, permanence and a timeless feel that sat intrinsically within the Yarra Valley. We created Mandala. An award-winning brand. We developed everything from the brand to labels, the signage to the menus, the photographic style to the iconography. We left no design element untouched.

Result: It worked. Mandala quickly established itself as a wantable brand on shelf, distributors and retailers alike loved it’s glistening fridge appeal, and, from launch Mandala stepped in to the market as a credible brand, an authentic part of the region and a brilliant wine in the bottle. Happy days!