We are Stokes Street Studio
We are a full service design communications agency

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We are 12 people strong.

We are a multi disciplined, passionate, talented workforce looking for challenges and exciting responses to communication problems.

We are designers. art directors. copywriters. photographers. illustrators. animators. developers. coders.

We are Strategic

We are design thinkers

We love print. We love digital. We love words. We love motion. We love sound. We love all media.

We love books. We love magazines. We love mobile. We love street posters. We love UX. We love experiential. We love outdoor. We love to find a way to tell people stories.

We are Cate. We are Dana. We are Penny. We are Josh. We are Stuart. We are Mark. We are Robbie. We are Mandy.

We are located in a great converted boatbuilding warehouse space by the seaside in Port Melbourne.

About us

Stokes Street Studio is not just another design studio. We are fresh in our thinking and creative with our problem solving. We love a challenge. We love a design solution. We are interested in your communications problems. We like to win awards, but that is not our objective. Our objective is to get you the result you want from your communications.

Stokes Street Studio does design, digital, strategic thinking, advertising, copywriting, art direction, strategy, big thinking, communication design, problem solving, solution design.

We work with educators, not for profits, government, local government, event organisers, winemakers, confectioners, health organisations, corporations, big and small businesses.

We work across a range of mediums, looking for the best way to tell your story to your audience.

Send us communications problems and we will work at creating great outcomes. We like to think different. We love to do great work – that works.

Interested? Contact us and we’ll see what we can make happen. At the very least an interesting, hopefully entertaining and insightful meeting will be had. And the ubiquitous coffee. And if it all goes to pot, there is always the beach. Who doesn’t like the beach?! (as long as the wind isn’t blowing sand in your face. I said in your face!)